Your Clinical Institute

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Your Clinical Institute is our premier healthcare training service provided in-house, onsite at Greens Medical Group and Keys Medical Centre. We provide a wide range of educational and training services to future medical staff as a part of our commitment to establishing an experienced and educated cohort of future doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff. 

We boast a multi-disciplinary team of well-educated, experienced professionals, including doctors and nurses trained at prestigious universities both locally and internationally. Our professional team readily shares their knowledge, skills, and experience to provide quality teaching to our students. 

Our services include: 


  • Year 4 MBBS Student GP Placements
  • Overseas Medical Student GP Elective Placements
  • Clinical Observers
  • 2nd and 3rd Year Bachelor of Nursing Students – General Practice Placements
  • Diploma of Nursing Students – Clinical Placements

Our in-house providers:

  • Sonographer Training
  • Phlebotomy Training
  • Optometrist Training