There is no one denying the fact that in order to lose weight permanently and safely, you should get plenty of exercises every day. Exercising burns a lot of calories and builds muscle, which is extremely crucial for increasing the metabolism that helps in losing weight much faster. If you are obese and have been looking for the most effective ways to shed down some unwanted pounds, here are some low-impact exercises that will help you achieve the desired result.


Walking is the simplest and the most ideal way for weight loss as it does not require any expensive equipment than a pair of walking shoes. This low-impact exercise does not cause any sort of pain or injuries to your knees. Walking is a low-intensity but more effective weight loss exercise that leads to better health and mental wellbeing.


Do you know that you can burn around 400 to 700 calories per hour by swimming vigorously? This low-impact exercise is highly effective in burning calories and shedding those unwanted pounds quickly. It is also good for women, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy and those who battle with obesity, arthritis and musculoskeletal condition. Individuals who are suffering from asthma can also involve in swimming as the warm and moist air around the water helps in keeping their airways more clear.


Bicycling is another high rewarding activity for weight loss. When you cycle, you can burn around 372 to 1100 calories per hour based on your weight, speed and terrain that you are biking across. Moreover, it strengthens your body and improves your cardiovascular health too.


Running per hour helps you burn around 600 calories besides building strong bones and connective tissues. It also makes your heart pump at a healthy rate which helps in preventing heart diseases such as stroke and some specific types of cancers.

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